What is an SDR (Sales Development Rep) and Why Should You Become One Today

“Oh, I have a job in sales”, well… that’s about as vague of a job title as it comes these days don’t you think? I know when I hear someone say they work in sales it really tells me nothing about what their day to day work looks like. One of those terms is the SDR, or Sales Development Rep but while it might sound like another sales job, I think you’ll soon find out why the SDR is the fastest growing and most sought after sales job there is in 2020. That’s not just me talking… According to this Forbes article, “Inside Sales is the fastest growing segment of sales and marketing.”

I think a lot of the notation of what a sales rep is comes from what we as consumers see every day through our car salesmen, or the sales rep at the local retail store or even our realtor but did you know that there are sales reps that only deal with other companies, no retail sales at all. This is where the SDR comes into play, an SDR is key in a B2B (businesses selling to other businesses) companies’ growth – all of your favorite tech companies use an SDR in their everyday business.

Google, Amazon, Yelp, Facebook and nearly every other large tech company use Sales Development Reps in selling non-tangible objects like advertising packages, software as a service (SAAS) or other items that will help the clients company grow; and make you money as well. So while retail selling to an end user might focus on high pressure sales tactics to get the maximum profit from that one interaction, a SDR will want to be pickier about their clients and your job is to help match them with the best product that you have in order to help grow their business.

As an SDR you are for all intents and purposes looking to help other companies grow and your job is to find them the best tools for the job; as such you become much more of a trusted advisor to these companies calling on them to help them… not to just sell them.

So, now that you know what an SDR is and what you’ll be doing, let’s talk turkey… what’s in it for you and why are you going to want to use the Six Figure Software Online Video classes to land this SDR Dream Job.

Unlimited Growth and Advancement

  • You are going to be building relationships with companies from all walks of life, industries and goals. This is going to be key in not only growing your paycheck but the networking possibilities here are endless. While most SDR jobs are entry level, nearly no other job allows you to see inside the top tech companies with nearly no limits. Many use the SDR job position as a way to find entry into another department or learn which department they might want to advance into for their long term career. 

Working Environment and Culture

  • So, unlike a traveling sales job or maybe selling cars down the street you are going to be able to take your pick at the top tech companies in the world. Work culture is the KEY to growing as a person and becoming that Six Figure earner that you want to be. You want a job at Google or Amazon but you aren’t the next 13 year-old programming savant, no worries at all… these companies need qualified SDR personnel today. You will be working with the brightest minds in the country, learning how these companies work and seeing the secret sauce from the inside – all of that and you’ll be making money! Sounds pretty great, don’t you think? 

So, what about that Money?

  • It’s still true, no job offers the sort of potential for income like a sales job… SDR jobs are no different – you are only limited by your ambition and drive. Many of our SDR clients are making Six Figures a year after just their first couple years of work.. starting with a good mentor is key though. You will want to know how to position yourself for these higher income jobs right from the start, from the first interview - use the Six Figure Software Online Video classes to land your first or next SDR Job.

I think we have highlighted many of the reasons why becoming an SDR in 2020 is not only a rewarding career but the type of job that opens doors VERY wide for endless possibilities of future growth. So, at your next backyard BBQ don’t just tell them you are in sales… tell them “I’m an SDR for Amazon!” and you’ll have their attention for sure. Let Six Figure Software Online Video classes show you how to get 13 interviews in 30 Days and lets nail this next SDR Job interview.